for skin care and scalp care

No pain, no blood, double penetration

Meso-chip technology + Electroporation transdermal technology

ETM mesotherapy technology combines Meso-chip
transdermal technology and Electroporation technology,
which can lead nutrients into skin mesoblast layer to achieve
the results like promoting capillaries circulation, accelerating
cells metabolism, improving collagen regeneration.

Ergonomically designed applicator, easy to operate

Perfect for the introduction of various liquid nutrient solutionsto help the skin absorb deeply.

Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Collagen, BOTOX, HGF, KGF, VEG and other growth factors solutions

4 different sizes of syringe clip match various types of syringe

Fully compatible with syringe specifications on
the market, 1ml/2ml/5ml/10ml, easy to change,
satisfied the different requirements.

The device motor to ensure high efficiency and
quietness when the working frequency is up to

Patented meso-chip head

Patented meso-chip head, precision processing,
Promote penetration and accelerate absorption.

Professional Linux platform
makes the operation smoothly.

The LINUX system adopts highly integrated customization, GPU&VPU acceleration, strong,
multi-tasking capabilities, guaranteed data security, stable and reliable operation, supports a wide
range of expanded functions, and can achieve personalized customized services, such as expanding
the function of Internet of Things.

Sterilized packaging
safe and reliable

8" large touch screen with flat design of user interface

Easy operation, ultimate technology feeling

Fully auto mode and Manual mode,
save time and energy

Main suppliers

  • ECM

  • ST

  • TI

  • TUV


  • TDK

  • Samsung